Partisan (2015)

Movie"Protect the ones you love"
Audience Score
On the edge of a crumbling city 11yearold Alexander lives in a sequestered commune alongside other children their mothers and charismatic leader Gregori Gregori teaches the children how to raise livestock grow vegetables work as a community and how to kill With the birth of a new baby brother weighing on his mind Alexander begins to question Gregoris overpowering influence on the children and their training to become assassins Threatened by his increasing unwillingness to fall in line Gregoris behavior turns erratic and adversarial toward the child he once considered a son With the two set dangerously at odds and the communes way of life disintegrating the residents fear a violent resolution is at hand
DirectorAriel Kleiman
WritersAriel KleimanSarah Cyngler

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:October 2nd, 2015
Original Language:English
Production Companies:Carver Films Warp Films Australia Animal Kingdom