Perry Mason: The Case of the Shooting Star Poster

Release Date: 1986

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 37 min

Plot Summary
Actor Robert McCay (Joe Penny) intends to shoot talk-show host Steve Carr (Alan Thicke) with a gun filled with blanks on live television as a publicity stunt. However, when McCay pulls the prank, the gun is loaded with live ammo and he unknowingly kills Carr. Master lawyer Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) comes out of retirement to defend McCay with the aid of his secretary, Della Street (Barbara Hale). Mason and investigator Paul Drake Jr. (William Katt) try to determine who wanted Carr dead.

Cast: Raymond Burr, Jennifer O'Neill, Alan Thicke, Joe Penny, Ivan Dixon, Barbara Hale, William Katt, David Ogden Stiers

Director: Ron Satlof

Genres: Mystery

Keywords: New York City, Investigation, Suspenseful, 1980s, Mystery