Pokémon 4Ever (2023)

Movie"Best friends. Better heroes."
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In order to escape a greedy Pokémon hunter, Celebi must use the last of its energy to travel through time to the present day. Celebi brings along Sammy, a boy who had been trying to protect it. Along with Ash, Pikachu, and the rest of the gang, Sammy and Celebi must encounter an enemy far more advanced than the hunter, with the fate of the forest hanging in the balance.
DirectorKunihiko Yuyama

Pokémon Collection

Collection of movies released as part of the Pokémon anime original series.

Movie Details

On Digital & Streaming:December 13th, 2023 - Watch Now
On DVD & Blu-ray:March 18th, 2003 - Buy DVD
Movie Box Office Gross:$28,000,000 (Worldwide)
Original Language:Japanese
Executive Producers:Masakazu Kubo, Takashi Kawaguchi
Production Companies:Pikachu Project 2001, Shogakukan Production, The Pokémon Company, TV Tokyo, Media Factory, Tomy, East Japan Marketing & Communications, OLM, Shogakukan