Retribution Road

Retribution Road (2007)

"The Truth Lies Within Their Eyes"
Not Yet Rated 1 hr 25 minOct 1st, 2007Western, Thriller, Adventure, Action

A bank robbery gone wrong leads to a horrific crime and the capture of the most relentless outlaw in Texas...the infamous Johnny Rios. Incarcerated, Rios ups the ante with a daring ultimatum that gives the sleepy town of Wardlaw a rude awakening as their courageous Sheriff prepares for the shoot-out of a lifetime - one that could either put this town on the map or annihilate it all together. The laws they live by are the laws they’ll die by on RETRIBUTION ROAD.

Chuck Walker
Michael Gregoryas Sheriff Bob Gimbol
John Castellanosas Johnny Rios
Leslie Easterbrookas Lana Gambol