Rising Son Poster

Release Date: 1990

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 37 min

Plot Summary
Gus Robinson (Brian Dennehy) is a foreman in a Detroit auto plant at the tail end of the Reagan administration. His son, Charlie (Matt Damon), is away at medical school at Gus' insistence, though Charlie is still resentful about a career path he feels forced into. When Charlie unexpectedly comes home and announces he's dropped out of school to work alongside his father at the plant, it comes as particularly bad timing: cutbacks and lay-offs have put Gus in danger of losing his job for good.

Cast: Brian Dennehy, Matt Damon, Piper Laurie, Graham Beckel, Emily Longstreth, Ving Rhames, Jane Adams, Richard Jenkins

Director: John Coles

Genres: Drama

Keywords: Emotional, Father, House, Fall, 1980s, Son, Sacrifice