Ruby and Oswald Poster

Release Date: 1978

DVD Release Date: February 27th, 2007

Not Yet Rated|2 hr 13 min

Plot Summary
Drawing extensively from the Warren Report, this docudrama characterizes the two most significant personalities involved in the Kennedy assassination. Lee Harvey Oswald (Frederic Forrest) is presented as a troubled loner with a speckled past looking to merely acquire fame for killing the president. Jack Ruby (Michael Lerner), on the other hand, is shown to be rather warm-hearted and patriotic, his killing of Oswald being motivated exclusively by his inordinate affection for the president.

Cast: Michael Lerner, Frederic Forrest, Doris Roberts, Lou Frizzell, Lanna Saunders, Brian Dennehy, Bruce French, Sandy McPeak

Director: Mel Stuart

Genres: Docudrama

Keywords: Revenge, 1960s, Wife, Passionate, Tense