Runaway Poster

Release Date: 1984

DVD Release Date: August 22nd, 2000

PG-13|1 hr 40 min

Plot Summary
In this advanced society, most homes have robots that perform everyday menial duties. Every so often, one malfunctions, and Sgt. Jack Ramsay (Tom Selleck), an expert in rogue machines, must deal with it. When he and his new partner, Karen Thompson (Cynthia Rhodes), investigate a robot-involved homicide, they discover strange computer chips. Rather than a malfunction, someone is programming the robots to kill. The police must find whoever is behind the murder before more harm is done.

Cast: Tom Selleck, Cynthia Rhodes, Gene Simmons, Kirstie Alley, Stan Shaw, G.W. Bailey, Joey Cramer, Chris Mulkey

Director: Michael Crichton

Genres: Science fiction

Keywords: Girlfriend, Rescue, Emotional, Police officer, Pursuit

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  • This near-future tale, in which Selleck heads a police division tracking murderous machines, is technically quite as accomplished as Crichton's previous work, carrying a strong atmosphere of menace and some virtuoso effects (including a tracking shot behind a bullet that makes the Bond movies seem old-fashioned). But once it turns from the hardware and the action to people, you can hardly believe your eyes or your ears. show more

  • Runaway is a Dinky Toy of a film: tiny, shiny, and about half as well-made. [15 Dec 1984]

  • This might well have been a more exciting movie if it had been made as a flat-out potboiler with a tough guy in Selleck's role. But Selleck's very weakness -- he is so relaxed and easy- going that we never quite believe he could be in trouble -- makes the movie hard to hate, too. [14 Dec 1984, p.E18]

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