Seven Days Leave Poster

Release Date: 1942

Not Yet Rated|1 hr 27 min

Plot Summary
Army private Johnny Grey (Victor Mature) and his company get a week's leave before shipping out. Learning from a radio program that he is heir to $100,000 from his great grandfather, Johnny and three of his fellow soldiers travel to New York to retrieve the inheritance. There they discover a provision that Johnny must marry into the Havelock-Allen family to inherit the money. Johnny, who is already engaged, hesitates -- until he meets the beautiful Terry Havelock-Allen (Lucille Ball).

Cast: Victor Mature, Lucille Ball, Harold Peary, Mapy Cortés, Ginny Simms, Marcy McGuire, Peter Lind Hayes, Walter Reed

Director: Tim Whelan

Genres: Musical comedy

Keywords: Deception, Lighthearted, Soldier, Office, Amusing, Temptation, Quest, Friend, Marriage, 1940s, Spirited, Rivalry, New York City