Small Time (2014)

Movie"Close the Deal"
Audience Score
Al Klein and his longtime friend Ash Martini own a used car lot and these two know every trick in the book when it comes to selling cars Klein still pines for his exwife Barbara who left him years ago for a more successful man After their son Freddy graduates from high school he decides to forego college in favor of selling cars with his old man But whats good for Klein might not be the best thing for Freddy as he quickly transforms from an innocent young man into a jaded car salesman leaving Al with a tough decision to make
DirectorJoel Surnow
WriterJoel Surnow

Movie Details

Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Jamie Paul Rock, Jonathan Koch, Steven Michaels, Stan Hubbard, Lawrence Rogow, Colleen Surnow
Production Companies:Anchor Bay Films Asylum Entertainment