• Stranger Than Paradise (1991)

Stranger Than Paradise

Release Date: April 17th, 1991

DVD Release Date: September 5th, 2000

R |1 hr 30 min

Plot Summary

New York City layabout Willie (John Lurie) and his dopey sidekick, Eddie (Richard Edson), get by on TV dinners and beer financed by haphazard card-sharking. Willie gets an unwelcome visit from his Hungarian teen cousin, Eva (Eszter Balint), but, just as he warms to her, she ditches him for her aunt in Cleveland. Impulsively, Willie and Eddie take a road trip to pick up Eva, after which they head out to find fortune and paradise in Florida -- or at least alleviation from their constant boredom.

Cast: John Lurie, Eszter Balint, Richard Edson, Cecillia Stark, Danny Rosen, Rammellzee, Tom DiCillo, Richard Boes

Director: Jim Jarmusch

Genres: Comedy drama

Production Co: Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen

Keywords: New York City, Witty, Offbeat, Hotel, Best friend, Car, Friendship, 1980s

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