Superman III Poster

Release Date: 1983

DVD Release Date: May 1st, 2001

PG|2 hr 5 min

Plot Summary
Computer programmer Gus Gorman (Richard Pryor) is hired by financial tycoon Ross Webster (Robert Vaughn) to seize control of a weather satellite and annihilate Colombia's coffee crop. When Superman (Christopher Reeve) manages to thwart the plan, Webster commands Gorman to use the satellite to locate kryptonite, the Man of Steel's mortal weakness. But a missing unknown element in the kryptonite -- replaced by Gorman with tar -- causes an unintended side effect when presented to Superman.

Cast: Christopher Reeve, Richard Pryor, Robert Vaughn, Jackie Cooper, Margot Kidder, Annette O'Toole, Annie Ross, Pamela Stephenson

Director: Richard Lester

Genres: Action, Fantasy, Adventure, Science fiction

Production Co: Cantharus Productions

Keywords: Rescue, 1980s, Melodramatic, Transformation, Quest

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  • There are two movies in Superman III, one a witless and obvious and often cruel comic strip, the other a blithe and subtle and often amusing exercise in middle-brow camp. Not only do the two halves never come together, they are in active opposition. [17 June 1983]

  • Credit goes to Richard Lester, who is much more than an action director and whose erratic brilliance occasionally transcends this material, and to Reeve, who has manfully refused to let on that he is tired of the part (as opposed to the Jedi principals, who phoned theirs in). [17 June 1983, p.D1]

  • Superman III is the kind of movie I feared the original "Superman" would be. It's a cinematic comic book, shallow, silly, filled with stunts and action, without much human interest. show more

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