Magic Eye

Magic Eye
NR 1 hr 33 min
During the riots of 1997 in Albania the retired photographer PETRO travels from his hometown Gjirokastra to the capital Tirana He has taken pictures of a killing with his Super8camera and wants to get the film developed Petro doesnt know that he shot material that shows how a TVcamera causes the death of a man and his granddaughter in order to get a good story Unfortunately Petro meets this cameraman BERTI on the trip to Tirana When the film is finally developed Petro gets to know the truth and he knows his life is in danger After many adventures on the road he tries at last to present the film to the public But he must realize that the material was stolen So only Petro knows the truth while the media spread lies about the deaths of Girokastra
DirectorKujtim Çashku
WritersKujtim ÇashkuVath Koreshi

Movie Details

Original Language:Albanian
Production Companies:Elsani Film Orafilm Paradigma Entertainment