The Devil's General (1957)

Movie"They bought his soul and put him in command of Hell!"
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The Devil's General
NR 1 hr 57 minApr 14th, 1957Drama, War
Curt Jurgens stars as a courageous Luftwaffe officer. Jurgens loves the service, even though he barely tolerates the Hitler regime. Sickened by wartime Nazi atrocities, Jurgens renounces his government, and is imprisoned and tortured as a result. Once released, the general takes pity on a downtrodden Jewish family. This isolated act of kindness is a point in his favor when Jurgens stands before Satan himself for his final judgment. The Devil's General was based on an immensely successful postwar play by German author Carl Zuckmeyer.

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Theatrical Release:April 14th, 1957
Original Language:German
Production Companies:Real-Film GmbH