The Fox in the Chicken Coop (1978)

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The Fox in the Chicken Coop
NR 1 hr 30 minJun 6th, 1978Comedy
Amitz Dolniker an Israeli politician who speaks way to much has a heart attack in the middle of his speech In the ambulance on the way to the hospital the doctor orders him to go someplace quite rest and dont make speeches His young assistant immediately suggest they go to Switzerland however Dolniker had taken a vow not to leave Israel unnecessarily so he comes up with a different idea going to a remote village where they have never heard of him so he would not be asked to make any speeches As they arrive it turns out that not only the villagers have never heard of Dolniker but they have also never heard of running water electricity phones and most importantly TV Radio and newspapers so its only a matter of time before Dolniker or the villagers go bananas