The Legend of the Lone Ranger Poster

Release Date: 1981

DVD Release Date: August 26th, 2008

PG|1 hr 40 min

Plot Summary
Bad guy Butch Cavendish (Christopher Lloyd) leads an ambush on the Texas Rangers, gunning down all but the young John Reid (Klinton Spilsbury), a lawyer who had joined his Ranger brother, Dan (John Bennett Perry), in the pursuit of Cavendish. Reid, who was injured in the attack, slowly recovers with the help of his childhood friend, the Native American Tonto (Michael Horse). Afterward, Reid dons a mask, calls himself the Lone Ranger and begins fighting evil with Tonto.

Cast: Klinton Spilsbury, Michael Horse, Christopher Lloyd, Matt Clark, Juanin Clay, Jason Robards, John Bennett Perry, David Hayward

Director: William Fraker

Genres: Western

Keywords: Rousing, Revenge, Pursuit, Spirited, Transformation