The Many Strange Stories Of Triangle Woman

The Many Strange Stories Of Triangle Woman (2008)

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Not Yet Rated 1 hr 29 minJan 1st, 2008Comedy

Triangle Woman takes you on a narrative odyssey of a series of ten short stories ranging from the grotesque, the weird, the perplexingly absurd, and the ridiculously silly. A bit of an odd character, Triangle Woman has kept these stories locked up in her head for many years. The film includes stories about a man whose finger rapidly deteriorates and the impending consequences; a nice lady who really isn't that nice; an old woman who talks backwards; an employment agency that has a man-toy named Mr. Brombellarella; among other stories. Triangle Woman is the thread that binds all of the stories together, and she imprints her bizarreness throughout the entire film.

Chris Rentzel
Vivian Jimenez Hallas Triangle Woman
Margaret Lakeas Mother