• The Six Million Dollar Man (1973)

The Six Million Dollar Man

Release Date: 1973

Not Yet Rated |1 hr 13 min

Plot Summary

Test pilot Steve Austin (Lee Majors) is nearly killed after crashing an aircraft, and his body is severely mutilated. With funding from a government agency known as OSI, Dr. Rudy Wells (Martin Balsam) performs an experimental $6 million surgery, replacing Austin's missing arm, legs and eye with bionic implants that give him superhuman strength, vision and speed. Austin is forced to work as an OSI agent in return, answering to supervisor Oliver Spencer (Darren McGavin).

Cast: Lee Majors, Barbara Anderson, Martin Balsam, Darren McGavin, Dorothy Green, Charles Robinson, Ivor Barry, Anne Whitfield

Director: Richard Irving

Genres: Science fiction

Production Co: Miramax

Keywords: Rise , Engaging , 1970s , Doctor , Spirited ,