Weekend at Bernie's (1989)

Movie"Bernie may be dead, but he's still the life of the party!"
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Two young insurance corporation employees try to pretend that their murdered employer is alive by puppeteering his dead body, leading a hitman to attempt to track him down to finish him off.

Weekend at Bernie's Collection

Weekend at Bernie's is a 1989 American black comedy film written by Robert Klane and directed by Ted Kotcheff. The film stars Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman as young insurance corporation employees who discover their boss, Bernie, dead. Discovering Bernie has ordered their deaths to cover up his embezzlement, with orders to refrain from killing them if he is around, they attempt to convince people that Bernie is still alive. The film's commercial success spawned a 1993 sequel, Weekend at Bernie's II.

Movie Details

Theatrical Release:July 5th, 1989
On DVD & Blu-ray:January 12th, 1999 - Buy DVD
Movie Budget:$6,500,000
Movie Box Office Gross:$30,218,387 (Worldwide)
Original Language:English
Executive Producers:Robert Klane, Malcolm R. Harding
Production Companies:Gladden Entertainment, 20th Century Fox