Fact: Actors do read reviews.

It’s a love-hate relationship actors have with film and television critics, but any hard feelings were put aside when they united at the 21st Critics' Choice Awards on Jan. 17 in Los Angeles to recognize outstanding achievement last year in entertainment.

“The biggest critics of anybody is themselves—so they aren’t saying anything we don’t already think,” “Master of None” star Kelvin Yu tells Made in Hollywood at the award show. Even so, with vitriol spilling on social media, sometimes the harshest words come from behind the cloak of an avatar. “Negative criticism is hard these days because it’s everywhere and in the past they couldn’t get to you,” Yu adds. “People see it and it can affect you.”

“UnREAL” actress Marti Noxon thinks negative criticism can be eye opening. “It can really hurt your feelings, but sometimes when you get it you realize people are really right,” she says.

Echoing what many stars say regarding negative reviews, “The Last Man on Earth’s” Cleopatra Coleman says she doesn’t “pay that much attention.”
“It can kind of make you crazy—overthinking and such—but a good review is always a good thing.”