Candace Payne, a.k.a. Chewbacca Mom, continues to spread happiness across the internet, and her latest bit of publicity should keep both her fans and "Star Wars" fans alike smiling for some time.

Payne appeared at Fan Expo Dallas (formerly known as Dallas Comic Con) this past weekend as a panelist, where she held a meet and greet with fans. If that wasn't surreal enough for the mom from Grand Prairie, Texas, she got to meet lots of other famous faces attending the con, too, including George Takei, Stan Lee, and Peter Mayhew -- none other than the actor behind the "Star Wars" wookiee himself.

The joyful moment was shared on social media, depicting Payne and Mayhew embracing and sharing a laugh together. Payne and her family posed for additional photos with the actor, and she even scored Mayhew's autograph -- which the actor scrawled right on the mask that made her famous. It was "so incredibly awesome," according to Payne.

"It kind of hasn't processed or registered yet," Payne added in an interview local news station CW 33 about her meeting with Mayhew. "I feel like I've been saying that for two weeks. I need to process this."

Here's to many more grin-inducing moments in Payne's future.

[via: Peter Mayhew, Peter Mayhew, Candace Payne, CW 33]

Photo credit: Peter Mayhew/Twitter