A lifelong "Star Wars" fan who has terminal cancer has started an online campaign to get an early screening of "The Force Awakens," and several stars of the flick have thrown their support behind the man.

Daniel Fleetwood, 32, has spindle cell sarcoma, a rare form of connective tissue cancer, and was told by doctors in July that he only had two months to live. Fleetwood, who's currently in home hospice care, says he's been a huge "Star Wars" fan since he was a boy, has one dying wish: to see "The Force Awakens," which isn't due in theaters until December.

"Judging by how progressive the disease has gotten in the past two months I really don't think that I'll be able to make it," Fleetwood told local Houston news station KPRC.

Friends and family started an online campaign, #ForceForDaniel, to show their support for Fleetwood's wish, and several members of the "Star Wars" universe have also tweeted their approval of the cause. Both Mark Hamill and John Boyegaretweeted KPRC's story about Fleetwood, and Peter Mayhew (a.k.a. Chewbacca) also retweeted another post featuring the hashtag.

"It's a commitment and he still has that commitment, that drive, and that love and I think that it's a beautiful thing," Fleetwood's wife, Ashley, told KPRC. "Even if it's just a movie. That's magic for a lot of people."

There's been no word yet from Disney or "Force Awakens" helmer J.J. Abrams, though we expect that the director will eventually grant Fleetwood's request. Abrams made a similar wish come true back in 2013, when a "Star Trek" fan with terminal cancer campaigned to get an advance screening of "Star Trek Into Darkness." Abrams agreed, and that fan, Daniel Craft, died only days after seeing the film.

Our fingers are crossed for Fleetwood.

[via: KPRC, h/t The Hollywood Reporter]

Photo credit: Twitter