You know you're the most powerful superhero of them all when you can even destroy the snarky announcer guy in your movie's Honest Trailer. Deadpool is that meta superhero, with breaking the fourth wall in character to add commentary to Screen Junkies's "Deadpool" video, then lashing out at the narrator when he attempts to criticize the film.

After the narrator mocks the "same old conventional love story" and "by the numbers revenge plot we've seen a million times before," Deadpool jumps in.

Deapool: "Whoa, whoa, whoa simmer down there, big boy. 'By the numbers'? The f--k is that supposed to mean?"

Narrator: "Hey, I said I liked it in the beginning, I think it's fair to point out some flaws, too"

Deadpool: "Oh fair? Do you think I give a moist bag of soggy d-ck lint about fair? Deadpool is the highest grossing R-rated movie of all time, except for Jesus.

Narrator: "Uhhh..."

Deadpool: "Everyone is sucking my d-ck now, and you sure as sh-t should be too, you backasss twaddlef--k. And what the f--k is with these beeps?"

Narrator: "You know, kids watch these videos, Mr. Pool."

Deadpool: "Kids f--king love it when I curse. Sh-t. F--k. Sh-tbag. Turbo-boner. That felt good."

He then admitted he was just slumming it in this played out web series to promote the "Deadpool" home release, "like anyone still buys those glorified f--king drink coasters." Bless this diva. The Honest Trailer is more gushing and indulgent than honestly critical, but maybe they'll save the real criticism for the sequel.

Here's the video, which already has close to 3 million views:
And, yeah, "Deadpool" is now out on DVD and Blu-ray.

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