A funny thing happened on the way to Elliott Morgan's audition one day--he had never heard of YouTube.

"I had no idea what YouTube was!" he explains to Made in Hollywood: Teen about discovering the video sharing platform that has led him to great success.

The actor-comedian's YouTube channel boasts more than 150,000 subscribers and his videos have received more than 8 million views.

With numbers like that, there's no need to audition when you've already got an audience.

"I had no idea you could make a living at it," he explains. "I’m able to write, do comedy, make a performance."

But what you see isn't exactly what you get. Morgan says that his performances are designed to portray an entirely version of himself--a character. He describes his comedic persona as "bordering on jerkdom," and it is on full show in his standup comedy special "Premature," which is available on demand now.

Morgan advises anyone pursuing comedy to develop their own persona as well. "Watch a lot of standup, television, watch comedy," he recommends. "Go to a community theater play. See as money forms of humor as you can and then try to build something that is a true reflection of a persona—and also high quality."