The "Gilmore Girls" revival only had Melissa McCarthy for one day, but they definitely made it a long day.

"Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" premieres this Friday, November 25 on Netflix, and it includes a big scene for McCarthy's Sookie. It took a while to coordinate schedules to get the comedy star on board, but once she was there, it was like she had never left.

Amy Sherman-Palladino and Daniel Palladino talked to TVLine at the revival's premiere, and the site asked what it was like having McCarthy back on the set "shooting that scene."

Amy: "Watching her and Lauren [Graham, who plays Lorelai Gilmore] was always particular fun because the two of them are like a weird, psychotic Ethel and Lucy when they get together off camera, and they finish each other's thoughts and they have a whole physical thing that they do. It just happened. She just walked back in, everybody sort of clicked back into the way it was. She was just delightful. We had her for one day and of course we threw her, like, a 10-page scene -- 'cause, why not? We figured 'We got her for one day! Let's make it work!'"

Daniel: "She did say, 'Bring it on' when we warned her.'"

Amy: "She did say bring it, so we brought it."

Daniel: "This is partly her fault. But she just became lovable -- she was lovable Melissa, she played lovable Sookie, it was just bing, bang, boom. As if no time had gone by."

It does sound like we're only getting one Sookie scene, but it'll be a substantial and fun one. Fans can stream the four-part series the day after Thanksgiving.

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