Considering Jimmy Kimmel just asked , "Is there any chance you would adopt me?" it may be safe to say he's Team Iron Man in "Captain America: Civil War." Jimmy had Team Cap on his show the other night, and welcomed Team Iron Man on Wednesday. That meant Don Cheadle, Paul Bettany, and Emily VanCamp all sat with RDJ, who was the star of the show.

The cast just watched the movie together at the big Hollywood premiere, and RDJ said , aka Cap, was a total stress case about it:

"All I know is, Chris Evans is such a nervous nelly. He gets all — I mean, he plays a real butch guy in the movie. I love Captain America — I hate to say it, I'm not supposed to say it, I love Chris, I love Captain America. Before the premiere, he's all nervous. We're supposed to drive in the Audis. He's like 'Bro, I don't know, should you go first, should I go first?' I was like 'Man up, we've got to go to this premiere together!'"

Poor Chris. Apparently Evans brought, or at least invited, New England Patriots players to the premiere. And if you saw his JKL clip from earlier this week, you know he's basically in love with Tom Brady. You can watch or re-watch that clip below, with the others.

Downey also talked abut the new Spider-Man, played by Tom Holland, whom he called "fantastic." Jimmy has already seen "Civil War" (out for the rest of us on May 6) and noted that Peter Parker's Aunt May just seems to keep getting younger, and now she's played by Marisa Tomei. "He's got like a hot aunt," RDJ said, then turned to look straight into the camera. "My god, just think of the possibilities." Down, Tony! Pepper would not approve!

In that same video, they showed a photo of RDJ's daughter, Avri Roel, wearing his Iron Man glove. He said he gave her a choice between the shield and the gauntlet and she naturally went for Team Iron Man. Jimmy said he has an "iron baby," and she's so cute.

Watch all of the videos:

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