"American Horror Story: Roanoke" is finally bringing in a vet of the anthology series whose role has been shrouded in mystery.

Although Evan Peters returned for "AHS: Roanoke," fans looking for the actor haven't seen hide nor hair of him over the first four chapters. Naturally, that inspired speculation: With the series being shot as if it were a true-crime documentary, could Peters's character be behind the camera?

Co-creator Ryan Murphy stepped in today to debunk the theory on Twitter. Better still, he revealed that we won't have to wonder about Peters for much longer, because he'll pop up in the fifth episode.

The tweet doesn't offer much clarity on Peters's role, but at least now we know that his character isn't a producer and that more answers are forthcoming. We wouldn't expect all mysteries to be solved at once anyway. The horror anthology series has always been able to keep fans guessing, and Season 6, in particular, kept speculation going with its mystery themes.

Peters's season debut comes when "American Horror Story: Roanoke" airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on FX. See if you can catch a glimpse of him in the Episode 5 trailer below.
[via: Variety; Twitter]