Hey, you guyyyyys, it's been 30 years since "The Goonies," so is it finally time to stockpile on Rocky Road and Baby Ruth for "Goonies 2"? Sean Astin launched his career as Mikey Walsh in the 1985 classic and, in a new interview via "PoliticKING with Larry King," he talked about the long-discussed sequel.

Here's a transcript:

KING: "Are they going to make another 'Goonies'?"

ASTIN: "They want to."

KING: "Do they?"

ASTIN: "Yeah, they're trying. They can't figure it out."

KING: "Why?"

ASTIN: "Because something special happened with that movie. I mean really special. You can't image how much people love this movie from the 80s, that almost doesn't hold up in terms of the quality, this visuals. But, Steven Spielberg had this magic, this poetry in him. And Dick Donner had this sense of adventure in him. And the two of them got together and made a movie where they let things happen. There are things in that movie that are wrong -- like a lot. Like, I accidentally call one character by his actor name and not his character name. There was a sequence with an octopus that was cut out, but one of the characters refers to it in a prominent way at the end of the movie, and they left it in. There was whimsy about how they did this movie that was so full of love."

KING: "So they're trying to do another one?"

ASTIN: "It's really hard to engineer that. And, now they've got all this time to think about it. It's hard."

Love when a movie has random mistakes and no one cares. It's so "Goonies." Not that no one noticed; there's even a video noting 109 movie "sins." Should they make a sequel or should they leave it alone? Sometimes it's best to just let things go, but... that's hard to do as well. And since Goonies never say die, we're glad to hear Astin and company aren't giving up on the idea of recapturing that wonderfully messy magic.