Apparently clinging to an airplane, getting beat up and shot at, briefly dying underwater and enduring the wrath Alec Baldwin just wasn't enough for Ethan Hunt to cash out his 401k and drift off into a peaceful retirement.

Another "Mission: Impossible" movie is on the way.

“We’re starting to work on it now,” producer-star Tom Cruise told Jon Stewart on "The Daily Show" on Tuesday night (video below). “We’ll probably start shooting it next summer.”

The next film will mark the sixth installment in the action franchise, which started in 1996 and is based on a 1960s TV series.

"Mission: Impossible -- Rogue Nation" -- opens Friday with Cruise's Impossible Missions Force being dismantled by the U.S. government but carrying on anyway to save the world. It co-stars Baldwin, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation

"Desperate times. Desperate measures."
PG-132 hr 11 minJul 31st, 2015
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