Netflix's animated comedy "Tuca & Bertie" premieres in May, and in the meantime, you can meet Ali Wong and Tiffany Haddish's bird women characters and see the comedians in action.

The streamer released a first look video on Thursday that offers footage from the show as well as brings viewers into the recording studio with Wong and Haddish. Both actresses chat about their roles, meaning we get everything from Wong's take on how they're similar to their characters to Haddish's appreciation for the fact that her "character got -ss." Creator Lisa Hanawalt weighs in, too, and shares her hopes for the show.

"These are real characters; this is about a friendship between 30-year-old bird women," Hanawalt says in the video. "I want women in the real world to relate to it even though they're not bird people."

Watch below.

We can see what Wong meant when she said, "It was so much weirder and funnier than anything I could have ever imagined."

"Tuca & Bertie" hits Netflix on May 3.