Epic Meal Empire Poster

Air Date: July 26th, 2014

Series Summary
The Epic meal time crew star in a TV version of the online show. Without professional culinary training or experience, they combine ingredients like waffles, chicken hearts, cake mix, maple syrup, bacon grease and whiskey to create "epic" meals.

Rating: TVPG

Genres: Cooking, Reality


  • Season 1 - Episode 21 : Cycle of Life Dec 12, 2014

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    Cyclists take the team's meat bike meal for a spin; the guys create a rap song laced with food references.

  • Season 1 - Episode 20 : A Bite to Remember Dec 12, 2014

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    Meat lovers hold a prom; Josh dons a hazmat suit and tests a creative method to coat chicken wings in barbecue sauce.

  • Season 1 - Episode 19 : Poultry in Motion Dec 5, 2014

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    The guys create Attila the Hen, a chicken dish for a roller derby team; new pork delicacies are sampled at an annual bacon festival.

  • Season 1 - Episode 18 : A Play at the Plate Dec 5, 2014

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    A minor-league baseball team receives a record-breaking hot dog; the guys construct an obstacle course.

  • Season 1 - Episode 17 : Hocus Porkus Nov 28, 2014

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    Determined to learn the art of magic, Harley visits a master illusionist where inspiration strikes in the form of a giant bed-of-spikes.