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Air Date: June 8th, 2010

Series Summary
Four teenagers band together against an unknown foe who threatens to expose their secrets.

Rating: TV14

Genres: Drama


  • Season 7 - Episode 20 : Till Death Do Us Part Jun 27, 2017

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    All is revealed as the ultimate endgame comes to light.

  • Season 7 - Episode 19 : Farewell My Lovely Jun 20, 2017

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    The Liars gear up for a confrontation with A.D.; Spencer, Hanna and Caleb discover new information regarding Charlotte's death; Mary Drake returns with a gift for Spencer and Alison.

  • Season 7 - Episode 18 : Choose or Lose Jun 13, 2017

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    Loved ones attempt to close ranks as the police turn up the heat on the Liars; A.D. presents the Liars with a choice designed to drive a wedge between them; Toby returns to Rosewood; Aria makes a horrifying discovery.

  • Season 7 - Episode 17 : Driving Miss Crazy Jun 6, 2017

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    Emily teams up with Mona as she makes inroads in the game; Ashley returns to Rosewood to check on Hanna and asks Caleb what his intentions are with her daughter; Spencer's family reels from A.D.'s latest taunt; Ezra fears he may have lost Aria.

  • Season 7 - Episode 16 : The Glove That Rocks the Cradle May 30, 2017

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    The Liars close ranks to protect one of their own as Detective Furey closes in on uncovering what happened to Archer Dunhill; Hanna struggles with the idea that Lucas might be connected to A.D. even in the face of additional evidence.

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  • Pretty Little Liars doesn't have the sense of humor -- or the wardrobe -- of "Gossip Girl." In fact, a surprising number of scenes call for bikinis. But the ongoing mystery (not to mention a secret referred only to "the Jenna thing") may prove irresistible to young people. Show More

  • The ridiculously expensive wardrobes, the fabulous hair and makeup, plus a high school with not a single fatty is well, yes, the stuff of teen fantasy. And that is exactly what Pretty Little Liars is: a glamorous, spooky, adolescent fantasy. Show More

  • Fun enough, but the nastiness could be applied more heavily. Show More

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