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  • Emma Stone

    Born on June 11, 1988 in Scottsdale, Arizona

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The Help (2011)

Emma Stone as "Skeeter"

In 1960s Mississippi, Southern society girl Skeeter (Emma Stone) returns from college with dreams of being a writer. She turns her small town on its ear by choosing to interview the black women who have spent their lives taking care of prominent white families. Only Aibileen (Viola Davis), the housekeeper of Skeeter's best friend, will talk at first. But as the pair continue the collaboration, more women decide to come forward, and as it turns out, they have quite a lot to say.

Screen Actors Guild Awards (2011) Won Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture

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Best of Late Night TV: Emma Stone's 'Box of Lies,' Pros and Cons of 'The Walking Dead' (VIDEO)

Posted by
Gina Carbone on Oct 15th 2014, 3:15AM

Oct 15th 2014, 3:15AM

Bill Murray Wants Melissa McCarthy, Emma Stone & Kristen Wiig For That All-Female 'Ghosbusters' Flick

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Sep 8th 2014, 12:30PM

Sep 8th 2014, 12:30PM

The 'Birdman' Trailer Delivers a Strange, Squawky Peek at the Michael Keaton Flick (VIDEO)

Posted by
Jenni Miller on Aug 1st 2014, 3:00PM

Aug 1st 2014, 3:00PM

Best of Late Night TV: Whoopi Goldberg's Lip Flip and Emma Stone's Random Colin Firth Feud (VIDEO)

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Jul 17th 2014, 4:17AM

Jul 17th 2014, 4:17AM

'Magic in the Moonlight' Poster: Emma Stone & Colin Firth in the Roaring '20s (EXCLUSIVE)

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Jun 18th 2014, 9:00AM

Jun 18th 2014, 9:00AM

Emma Stone Makes 'Magic in the Moonlight' in New Trailer (VIDEO)

Posted by
Jenni Miller on May 21st 2014, 12:30PM

May 21st 2014, 12:30PM

Here's 'The Amazing Spider-Man' as an 8-Bit Video Game We Really Want to Play (VIDEO)

Posted by
Drew Taylor on May 8th 2014, 6:30AM

May 8th 2014, 6:30AM

​Box Office: Is 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' a Success or Disappointment?

Posted by
Gary Susman on May 5th 2014, 6:30AM

May 5th 2014, 6:30AM

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Review: Six Reasons It Isn't So Amazing

Posted by
Rick Mele on May 2nd 2014, 10:00AM

May 2nd 2014, 10:00AM

'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Review: 10 Things to Know About the Web-Slinging Sequel

Posted by
Drew Taylor on May 1st 2014, 7:00AM

May 1st 2014, 7:00AM

Emma Stone's 'Tonight Show' Lip-Sync Battle Wins All Lip-Sync Battles (VIDEO)

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Apr 29th 2014, 2:00PM

Apr 29th 2014, 2:00PM

Jamie Foxx Completely Takes Over, and We Love It (VIDEO)

Posted by
Jenni Miller on Apr 29th 2014, 11:30AM

Apr 29th 2014, 11:30AM

Our 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Unscripted Includes Singing, Awkward Moments, and Courteney Cox References (VIDEO)

Posted by
Moviefone Staff on Apr 17th 2014, 2:00PM

Apr 17th 2014, 2:00PM

Emma Stone Meets Another Spice Girl, Freaks Out Appropriately (VIDEO)

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Apr 10th 2014, 1:30PM

Apr 10th 2014, 1:30PM

Watch Emma Stone Adorably Freak Out Over the Spice Girls (VIDEO)

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Mar 20th 2014, 12:30PM

Mar 20th 2014, 12:30PM

We Saw 35 Minutes of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2,' and It's Pretty Impressive

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Mar 20th 2014, 8:40AM

Mar 20th 2014, 8:40AM

The Final Trailer for 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Is One Helluva Ride (VIDEO)

Posted by
Jenni Miller on Mar 19th 2014, 12:00PM

Mar 19th 2014, 12:00PM

'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Unscripted: Ask Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Jamie Foxx a Question

Posted by
Tim Hayne on Mar 5th 2014, 11:30AM

Mar 5th 2014, 11:30AM

Green Goblin's Identity Revealed in New 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Photo

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Feb 20th 2014, 10:30AM

Feb 20th 2014, 10:30AM

New 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer Swings Online (VIDEO)

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Feb 13th 2014, 8:05AM

Feb 13th 2014, 8:05AM

The 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' International Trailer Serves Up New Footage (VIDEO)

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Dec 13th 2013, 10:15AM

Dec 13th 2013, 10:15AM

Sony Plots Ambitious Spider-Man-Based Universe

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Dec 13th 2013, 6:30AM

Dec 13th 2013, 6:30AM

The First 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Trailer Is Electrifying (VIDEO)

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Dec 5th 2013, 5:30AM

Dec 5th 2013, 5:30AM

Billy Murray Joins Cameron Crowe's Next Movie

Posted by
Drew Taylor on Oct 14th 2013, 6:00AM

Oct 14th 2013, 6:00AM

Christoph Waltz in Talks to Play Villain in 'Tarzan' Reboot

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Sep 26th 2013, 12:00PM

Sep 26th 2013, 12:00PM

New 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Photos Introduce Electro, Rhino, Harry Osborn

Posted by
Katie Roberts on Jul 23rd 2013, 11:00AM

Jul 23rd 2013, 11:00AM

'The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and 4': Six Things to Expect From the Spidey Sequels

Posted by
Erin Whitney on Jun 18th 2013, 5:00AM

Jun 18th 2013, 5:00AM

'The Croods' Premiere: Emma Stone Stuns, Blake Lively Supports Hubby Ryan Reynolds (PHOTOS)

Posted by
Dana Taddeo on Mar 11th 2013, 6:37AM

Mar 11th 2013, 6:37AM

Weekend Box Office (01/13/13): Zero Dark Thirty tops while Gangster Squad disappoints and Haunted House exceeds expectations.

Posted by
Scott Mendelson on Jan 13th 2013, 7:16AM

Jan 13th 2013, 7:16AM

Review: The Gangster Squad (2013)

Posted by
Scott Mendelson on Jan 10th 2013, 7:26AM

Jan 10th 2013, 7:26AM

The Amazing Spider-Man: Weaving The Same Old Web

Posted by
on Jul 2nd 2012, 9:11AM

Jul 2nd 2012, 9:11AM

'Spider-Man' Stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone Answer Fans' Questions (VIDEO)

Posted by
Jessie Heyman on Jun 26th 2012, 10:38AM

Jun 26th 2012, 10:38AM

Amazing Spider-Man New Footage: 7 Things We Learned

Posted by
Mike Ryan on Feb 6th 2012, 11:34AM

Feb 6th 2012, 11:34AM

'Amazing Spider-Man': Andrew Garfield And Emma Stone Will Kiss, Might Not Be Upside Down (VIDEO)

Posted by
Christopher Rosen on Jan 19th 2012, 1:49PM

Jan 19th 2012, 1:49PM

Emma Stone Hops In 'Little White Corvette'

Posted by
Jessie Heyman on Jan 5th 2012, 4:00AM

Jan 5th 2012, 4:00AM

Scarlett Johansson 'Without Makeup' in 'We Bought a Zoo,' and Other De-Glammed Actresses

Posted by
Annette Bourdeau on Dec 15th 2011, 12:00PM

Dec 15th 2011, 12:00PM

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Character Wallpaper: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone Come to Your Desktop

Posted by
Christopher Rosen on Dec 15th 2011, 2:40AM

Dec 15th 2011, 2:40AM

Emma Stone Negotiating for Foul-Mouthed Spec Script

Posted by
Christopher Rosen on Nov 3rd 2011, 10:00AM

Nov 3rd 2011, 10:00AM

First Look at Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone in 'Gangster Squad'

Posted by
Sharon Knolle on Sep 21st 2011, 5:50PM

Sep 21st 2011, 5:50PM

Andrew Garfield Says Fame 'Terrifies' Him and Emma Stone Is 'A Gift'

Posted by
Sharon Knolle on Aug 26th 2011, 3:30PM

Aug 26th 2011, 3:30PM


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