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  • Off the shelf after two years to capitalize on the popularity of Vin Diesel, Seth Green and Barry Pepper. It should have stayed there. show more

  • It has its moments of swaggering camaraderie, but more often just feels generic, derivative and done to death. show more

  • The movie crosses two formulas -- Fish Out of Water and Coming of Age -- fairly effectively. Because it isn't wall-to-wall action but actually bothers to develop its characters and take an interest in them, it was not at first considered commercial by its distributor, New Line, and languished on the shelf for two years. show more

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  • May 29, 2012 ericthered2005
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    \"Knockaround Guys\" meanders around the main plot of Matty Demaret (Barry Pepper) who is the offspring of a top notch crime boss Benny Chains (Dennis Hopper). Benny feels that his son just doesn\'t have the fortitude to fill in his father\'s legacy, brought on mostly from his uncle Teddy Deserve (John Malkovich). It\'s a common trend that mobster offspring\'s can\'t handle this line of work, so we should take this situation like a grain of salt, but Matty is still desperate in finding a job. The principal obstacle is not that he lacks credentials, but the main roadblock comes from his very own family *********** him from finding work in other fields. So after much persuasion, Benny and Teddy finally give in and employ the young man in the field of transporting something and to avoid him from killing anybody. His mission is to transport cash from Chicago back to New York. The cash is if from another mob as some assurance to support Benny as he tries to repair some of the tribulations of his organization. One of Matty\'s best friends is a dim-witted pilot named Johnny Marbles (Seth Green) and Matty assigns him to fulfill the mission. However, on his way back to New York, Johnny has to stop at an airport for gas and avoid anyone from being suspicious, he foolishly ditches the loot. But when he gets back, the money is nowhere to be seen. Matty sends down his closest allies, Chris Scarpa (Andrew Davoli) and Taylor Reese (Vin Diesel) to join Johnny who has found out that the money is in some small hick town in Montana. Two caricatured skateboarder airline workers have got a hand on the cash and have gone on a bit of a spending spree with the cash. That is until the Sheriff Decker (Tom Noonan) who happens to be the father of one of the workers catches on and finds the hoards of cash and eventually issues a bounty to have Matty and his friends killed so that Decker and his deputy can split the cash for themselves. Matty\'s gang start using mobster methods in order to win back their cash, though Matty has to report everything back to his father. Fortunately, his uncle comes to the rescue. And the final result is that Matty and Teddy manage to make it in one piece and with the money. The twist in the end turns out that Teddy was the one responsible for stealing Benny\'s money. Okay so I gather this is a new and refreshing turn on the mobster movie genre in which mobster offspring\'s go on a mission in trying to get a hard lesson in what it is to be a mobster. But however there are still plenty of flaws that make this movie undesirable to say the least. The main flaw is that why the hell Benny would put his faith in trust in Matty\'s friend Johnny as he\'s a scrawny little recovering doper? This guy can\'t be trusted into doing the simplest tasks let alone transport cash from city to city. And since Benny is one of the most powerful men in New York, why didn\'t he use his resources and persuasion and find Matty a real job? Is that too hard to ask for? And then there\'s the whole debacle involving Uncle Teddy and his taking Benny\'s cash without his ***************** out because the twist did not come equipped without a reasonable angle to lead up to it. It was just too sudden. At first I thought Teddy was a decent individual, next thing you know he\'s stealing his brother\'s cash with no real motive at all. It was like it was padded on just to turn things around, but if fails. It makes the audience confused. There were other flaws, but I just wanted to pinpoint the main ones. The performances were pretty solid, but nothing really to write home about. John Malkovich was effective as the back-stabbing Uncle Teddy, but I can\'t see him play another mobster flick ever again. Seth Green was being his usual Seth Green self. The rest of the ensemble manage to hold their own, except when they start to get all philosophical and it was painful to see Vin Diesel be that way too. Stick to action films Big Vin! Granted this movie had its moments, but I really don\'t give that much high praise for it. The pacing was slow and was heavily flawed and the twists were not very convincing. Unless you like one of the performers in the cast, then I guess you will appreciate it, but if you\'re not a fan of any of the cast members, I would suggest you avoid this movie as a whole

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