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  • The Green Hornet doesn't suck. But don't expect it to hang together either, what with the clashing tones and melting logic. show more

  • The film's only unqualified success is the end title sequence-because it's genuinely stylish, because it looks like it was shot in genuine 3-D and, most of all, because it's the end. show more

  • Hiring this sensitive fantasist (Gondry) to make the superhero saga The Green Hornet is like hiring satirist John Waters to make "Rambo." Hard to think of a more mystifying mismatch of filmmaker and material. show more

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  • June 02, 2012 hannahbanana5998
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    Eh, this movie was OK. Not the best I have seen. I laughed a couple times in this movie, but definately not worth to buy.

  • May 12, 2012 qo00000000123197
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    I\'ve had the movie for about a month now, and never saw it till tonight. In all honesty, It was not nothing like the tv series. The writers/ producers made Britt Reid out to be nothing but an alcohilic, as well as a playboy, sleeping/making out w/girls every he could. To me, this movie, was not worth the money, tha I spent it. I\'d be better off watch\'n a Smurf\'s movie, or, Pee Wee Herman movie, in place of this one. But of colurse, I\'ll keep it, and add it tomy collection of movies, from tv shows that I liked to watch as a kid. But please, don\'t make anymore of these kinda m ovies, or, I\'ll not even spend 1 cent on them! YUCK!

  • April 06, 2012 am00000000118010
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    Surprisingly good. Seth Rogan was excellent as the dumb rich playboy who falls into the Batman role - very funny. His sidekick Kato (originally played in the TV series by Bruce Lee), played by Jay Chou, is great too. The Villain is hilarious too - a total badass who finds him self constantly underestimated by everyone. Cameron Diaz was disappointing as Lenore Case. Edward James Olmos was good in his supporting role.