This weekend, moviegoers around the country will undoubtedly line up for Liam Neeson in the third (and supposedly final) "Taken" film – and while those moviegoers wait for "Taken 3" will be given an extra jolt of Neeson-related ass-kickery in the form of the new trailer for "Run All Night." And it's really, really cool.

In "Run All Night," Neeson plays a former hit man (his nickname was "The Gravedigger," so you know he was good) who intervenes when a killer is sent to murder his son (Joel Kinnaman from the "Robocop" reboot). That puts him in the crosshairs not only of his gangland former employer (Ed Harris), as well as a squadron of crooked cops (led by Vincent D'Onofrio). So that's the incredibly catchy synopsis: one night, Neeson and his estranged son against killers, thugs, and crooked cops. It's going to be awesome.

"Run All Night" marks the third collaboration between Neeson and his "Unknown" and "Non-Stop" director Jaume Collet-Serra. Their collaborations have always been top-tier entertainment and "Run All Night," with its delicious premise and hard R-rating, looks like it could be their finest hour yet. Watch the trailer and tell us if you're ready to "Run All Night."