Premiere Of The Asylum & Fathom Events'

It looks like Ian Ziering got that raise after all: Syfy has just confirmed that Ziering and fellow original "Sharknado" star Tara Reid will be back for "Sharknado 3" this summer.

TVLine reports that the actors will reprise their roles of Fin and April, respectively, the estranged married couple trying to work out their relationship issues in the midst of recurring crazy weather phenomena involving airborne sharks. Last year's "Sharknado 2" saw them split time between a few other characters; it remains to be seen what other D-list celebs will join the pair this time around.

Unlike its predecessors, which ravaged Los Angeles and New York, "Sharknado 3" will take on the entire "Feast Coast," wreaking havoc from Washington, D.C. to Orlando, Florida. We can't wait to see how they destroy a theme park that looks strikingly similar to Disney World (but due to copyright restrictions, can't legally be Disney World. At least the Washington Monument is public domain).

"Sharknado 3" is set to hit Syfy sometime this July.

[via: TVLine]

Photo credit: Getty Images