Magic Mike XXLChanning Tatum unveiled the awesomely unsubtle poster for "Magic Mike XXL" yesterday, but apparently that was just a tease for today's big reveal. Yes, the trailer for "Magic Mike XXL" is here, and as the trailer says, you're welcome.

Those of us who remember the '80s will immediately notice the callback to "Flashdance" and its heroine Alex, a welder by day and stripper by night. Except, naturally, Tatum is the one behind that welding helmet and not Jennifer Beals, and he's doing something rather suggestive with his materials. Then he starts dancing all over the place. He's out of control with the dancing! And that's when the action begins. Abs, breakdancing, partying, Ginuwine's "Pony," gyrating, cans of soda exploding, and more abs: It's all here!

It's not clear if the trailer's winking self-awareness will translate to the movie itself, or if the trailer is cut to emphasize the sexy, funny parts. Although "Magic Mike" was humorous and sexy, it was also a little grim. (Anyone else remember that sad little mini pig?) Gregory Jacobs is directing; as with many of Steven Soderbergh's projects, Jacobs was the assistant director on "Magic Mike." The script is co-written by Tatum and Reid Carolin, who penned the original "Magic Mike."

Tatum and pals will dance back into our hearts and loins on July 1, 2015, when "Magic Mike XXL" hits theaters.

[Via Cosmo]