US-POLITICS-CONSERVATIVES-CPACTry not to stagger back from shock, but liberals and conservatives are being ugly to each other on the Internet about everything this whole 19 Kids and Counting" family deserve quite so much mud-dragging. Sarah and Bristol Palin both jumped into the fray -- daughter first in a blog post, then Sarah in an all-caps rant against "Girls" star/creator Lena Dunham, in an attempt to change the story angle to one of double-standard victimization for the Duggars.

Sarah's Facebook argument was in response to Bristol's post titled "Let's Get This Straight, Liberals – What Kinds of Molestation are Acceptable?" Here's Sarah's post:


Posted by Sarah Palin on Thursday, June 4, 2015

So she not only wants to shift the debate from Josh's "obvious wrongdoing" to an investigation on the Duggars' behalf, she offered new action points for the media, while still blaming the media for vilifying the whole Duggar family while not vilifying people like Lena Dunham.

On that note, though, she must've missed all the headlines that did vilify Lena -- those headlines are probably how Sarah heard about the issue to begin with. (Guessing she didn't buy Lena's book.) Plenty of people on both sides were disgusted by what Lena (hardly a darling of left, right or center) wrote about experimenting with her little sister, leading to Lena tweeting in her own defense, then issuing a statement of apology and clarification to Time. Which is not to say that her actions as a 7-year-old with her sister directly compare to what Josh did as a 14- and 15-year-old with multiple girls. If it's not apples and oranges it's at least apples and hard cider.

As of now, Lena has not responded to the Duggar comparisons on Twitter or in a statement. She can't be happy to be dragged into this, especially since she's being used as a talking point/hypocrisy rallying cry for the right. The debate rages on out there, which shows that people feel very strongly about this topic -- and by topic we mean that the other side is WRONG WRONG WRONG about everything.

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