There's nothing good about the "Goodnight Mommy" trailer. Better words to describe it are creepy, haunting, confusing, and -- more than anything else -- nightmare-inducing.

While the trailer plays coy with the plot, we do know a thing or two about "Mommy." The story centers on twin boys whose mother comes home to their idyllic country home after having undergone what appears to be a very extensive array of cosmetic surgeries (hey, nothing wrong with a little nip-tuck these days). The twist? Momma's a bit different now -- in more than just the looks department -- and the boys start to suspect an "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" type situation. Also, cockroaches are somehow involved.

The trailer sets a very clear, horrific tone, and with plenty of creepy shots and an established, eery ambience, "Goodnight Mommy" will surely bring a lot to the party in the visual department, but will the movie truly bring the scares? Guess we'll find out soon enough.

Watch the trailer, get creeped out, and catch the movie when it hits theaters September 11, 2015.
goodnight mommy trailer