If "The Crucible" and "The Village" had an evil, terrifying, but critically-adored baby ... it might look something like "The Witch."

And then that baby might get stolen by a witch, as teased in the horror film's unsettling first trailer.

"The Witch," the feature film debut of writer-director Robert Eggers, was a smash at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, where it was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize and won the Directing Award. It promises to be a hit with the horror set when it arrives in 2016, although we'll have to wait for a more specific release date.

"The Witch" follows a 1630s colonial New England family who are forced to leave their town due to the parents' devout religious beliefs. They create a new home on the edge of a wood, but when their newborn son goes missing, religious hysteria takes over, and the family members turn on each other as they unravel.

As Entertainment Weekly noted, director Robert Eggers previously worked as a production designer, costume designer and art director, and you can see the influences in the stunning visuals of the trailer:

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