New footage from "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" teases a lightsaber battle in the snow. Yes, please.

Lucasfilm revealed on Instagram Thursday new scenes from J.J. Abrams' much-anticipated movie. We get a shot of everyone's favorite droid, BB-8, as Finn (Daisy Ridley) flashes a very worried look at something off-screen.

But the money shot comes when we see, for the first time, Renn (John Boyega) ignite his blue lightsaber seemingly about to battle it out with baddie Kylo Ren as snow falls and ohmygod we're having palpitations.

If that blue lightsaber looks familiar, that's because it is most likely the same one used by Luke Skywalker in the previous trilogy. We'll have to wait until Dec. 18 to see how Renn comes to possess it.

Watch the goodness below.

There has been an awakening... #StarWars #TheForceAwakens

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