Because why not? "The Walking Dead" Season 6, which premieres October 11 on AMC, but he took some time off from kicking butt as Daryl Dixon to show off some of his other skills. We know Daryl can shoot a crossbow, but here's Norman throwing a knife -- alongside Alice Cooper, of course -- and apparently the actor hit the target on the first try:

Crossbows, knives, tongue licks. The man has skills.

Norman tweeted a link to the video on Instagram early this morning, and ... yeah, that looks like "Walking Dead" producer/writer/special effects guru Greg Nicotero with them on the right. Norman is no stranger to Alice Cooper. Here's an old photo with them (back when Norman had shorter hair), and here's a newer one with Norman and a doll version of the singer.

Daryl Dixon's alter ego recently told fans it would be "super fun" to be in a "Walking Dead" prequel spinoff following Daryl and his brother Merle. That may never happen, but it's still a cool idea. And Reedus clearly has the skills to pull off anything TWD throws at him. He'll just throw it back!

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