20th Annual SAG Awar<a href=Amy Adams was in "American Hustle" with Jennifer Lawrence -- they even had a tense kiss (see below) -- but apparently Amy is not in with the In Crowd yet. She wants to be! Ms. Adams just had a long Q&A on her career for the Hollywood Masters series at Loyola Marymount University's School of Film & TV in Los Angeles; The Hollywood Reporter has the whole roundup, but at one point she was asked if she has friends outside the industry, and if she ever gets fed up with it.

Here's Amy's response, which includes an open plea for an invite to the next JLaw/Amy Schumer party:

I don't know. I have a nice mix of friends. I started working a lot later, so a lot of my friends are from different parts of the industry. I have a great friend who's a costume designer, a really good friend who's a graphic novelist. I've met a lot of different people and those are my core group of friends. And then people I've met along the way in my work, I also like to hang out with. I'm waiting for Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer to invite me to their party! So, I hope I was funny today so they will invite me to their next boating party! I'm a little more neurotic than both of them, but I think that would be — they need a little of that, and they're both so cool and I could be the 'not-cool' person."

Awww. The moderator told her that she's actually "pretty cool," too. But every squad could use a funny, talented, chipper and slightly non-hip friend like Amy Adams. If Jen and the other Amy never call, she's welcome to attend our much less cool parties anytime. She'll have to bring the boat, though.

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