Warning: This may ruin your childhood memories. So get that through your f--king head now before it's too f--king late. The creative folks at BloodBlitz Comedy -- the evil geniuses behind "If Harry Potter Was the Villain,""If Elsa Was the Villain," and "If Joffrey Was the Hero" -- recently took on "The Lion King," imagining how the Disney movie would look if Martin Scorsese created a trailer.

The result is "Lion King: A Tale of Two Mobsters," which uses audio from Scorsese's "Casino" and turns Timon and Pumbaa into Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, complete with (bleeped) f-bombs and lines to poor Simba like "You sh-t-kicking stinky horse manure smelling motherf--ker, you. You f--k me up over there, I'll stick you in a hole in the f--king desert, you understand?" Yikes! If only Pesci and De Niro just sang a few bars from "Hakuna Matata," everything would be OK.

Here's the "trailer":

As one commenter requested, next they should do "If Tarantino Directed Toy Story." "To infinity and be--"[EAR SLICE]

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