So "Castle" fans can relax, but every other TV show's fandom should worry.

You may have read about TVLine's recent blind item about a drama series killing off one of its co-leads:

I'm hearing an established drama series that gets a fair amount of love on TVLine is set to whack its co-lead this season, so it's time to start clutching your Grandma's pearls. Details are super sketchy, but rumor has it the fatal twist is set to occur in this hour-long show's forthcoming fall finale. Meanwhile, there are conflicting accounts as to whether the death will actually stick. Given the importance this particular character has to the series, it's tough to imagine that it would. But in this Will Gardner-offing, McDreamy-snuffing TV world we live in now, I suppose anything is possible. This much appears certain: The episode in question will leave viewers with the very real impression that this fan favorite is a goner."

Since it was for a series that "gets a fair amount of love" on the site, fans thought it could be for "Castle," but also maybe "Once Upon a Time." (That one is still a decent guess.) The "Castle" showrunners Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley took the show off the list in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Winter said they're not killing anymore people off, since they killed Montgomery in Season 3 and that was enough. Hawley joked to EW, "[If it were true], I can't imagine we'd be sitting here saying you're going to be excited to see what happens in January. 'Beckett's dead, but dont worry about it, it's still going to be fun!' No, we're not. It's absolutely not true."

So "Castle" is off the hook. The blind item description sounds a lot like what just happened on "The Walking Dead," which also sounds a bit like what happened in the season finale of "Game of Thrones." It's now a TV drama epidemic to *maybe* kill a main character. This could easily backfire to the point where no death has any real meaning because we're not sure if they really are dead or just a tease.

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