"Suicide Squad" star Jared Leto has some big shoes to fill as The Joker, and many fans are still skeptical that he's up to the job. You may recall the Internet's jokes and insults after the first image of Leto's Joker was released, and there was even a video of Jack Nicholson crying to show his "reaction" to the new Joker.

But Jared Leto just shared a more supportive fan reaction on Instagram. Here's Jack Nicholson's 1989 Joker giving Heath Ledger's 2008 Joker a pep talk about the 2016 version:

Jared praised the fan's creative image, calling it "clever sweet + fun."

When Heath Ledger was cast as The Joker in "The Dark Knight," plenty of fans questioned whether he could live up to Jack's version from "Batman." Heath showed there's room for more than one take on the iconic villain, and he won a posthumous Oscar for the role. No one is suggesting Jared Leto will pick up an Academy Award for his 2016 Joker, but he does already have a Best Supporting Actor Oscar, so why NOT so serious?

"Suicide Squad" director David Ayer is promising great things from Jared's Joker, telling Empire Magazine, "The Joker is the third rail of comic book movies. There's a power to that character, and by some freaking miracle, through the incredible things Jared has done and the photography and all the other millions of things that went into it, we've cooked up something transcendent. He's scary."

"Suicide Squad" opens August 5, 2016.

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