Someone needs to cast "The Late Late Show." When Katie Holmes tried to dodge a question on "Dawson's Creek" kissers, the "Deadpool" star stepped in to save her by offering his own answer.

First, James Corden asked Katie about her first on-screen kiss. Here's her answer:

"I was 18 and it was on 'Dawson's Creek.' It was a guest star. It's so awkward, because with a first kiss in life, if it doesn't go well, you're kind of like 'Oh, I've got to go home' ... and you don't have to deal with that person. But on screen, you're probably going to have lunch, you probably have to work with them tomorrow. So it's a little bit awkward."

However, she said that particular kiss was good. James then wanted to know the BEST kisser on "Dawson's Creek" -- James Van Der Beek's Dawson or Joshua Jackson's Pacey.

Katie said she couldn't answer Pacey vs. Dawson, and wanted to know what James thought. James said it would be The Beek, "Because I would get straight up in his grill." On that note, Ryan Reynolds jumped in to say, "I went to high school with Josh, and I can tell you right now, he's a terrific kisser." James asked Katie if that's true. She laughed and said, "If he [Ryan] says so, you know..."

James accepted that answer as canon, so it's official: Pacey > Dawson. And since Katie did date Josh in real life, it's probably what she wanted to say.

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