Fuller HouseWant more '90s nostalgia, "Fuller House" Season 1, Netflix has announced a follow-up is go for launch:

No chill for the Tanners! Critics did not take kindly to the "Full House" continuation, but who cares. Fans downed it whole over the weekend, and even though Netflix says Season 2 is "coming soon," it will probably take them a year, or close to it, to give us another batch of 13 episodes to watch within the space of 24 hours. That's Netflix for ya! And we love it.

It may seem like tempting fate to give fans a second helping of super-sweet nostalgia -- what if they get sick from overload and it taints the whole series? -- but the early response to this news has been very positive. This is basically the reaction:

Question: Do you think one or both of the Olsen twins would be willing to make at least a cameo in Season 2, now that they've seen the fan response to Season 1?

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