After sharing several touching tributes from others about his late wife, comedian Patton Oswalt has penned his own heartfelt remembrance of his spouse, Michelle McNamara.

In an essay for Time, Oswalt wrote of McNamara's passion for true crime writing, which she posted about regularly on her blog, True Crime Diary. That work led to a job writing for Los Angeles Magazine, and then interest from publisher Harper Collins, for whom McNamara was working on a book when she suddenly passed away on April 21.

But as Oswalt explained in Time, that wasn't all there was to McNamara. In addition to a leading a life full of important work and interacting with interesting people, she made a lasting impact on countless friends and family who mourn her passing.

"Her family is devastated but can't help remember all of the times she made them laugh or comforted them, and they smile and laugh themselves," Oswalt wrote. "She hasn't left a void. She's left a blast crater."

Oswalt also recalled his 7-year-old daughter Alice's wise-beyond-her-years words in reference to her late mother, with the girl telling her father, "When your mom dies you're the best memory of her. Everything you do and say is a memory of her."

"That's the kind of person Michelle created and helped shape," Oswalt wrote. "That was Michelle. That is Michelle."

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