UPDATE: Da'Vonne was evicted over Bridgette. It was a 6-2 vote, with Zakiyah and Michelle as the only votes in Day's favor. She did not have the round-trip ticket, so she's now the first member of the jury. At least no one gave her a petty goodbye message (like she gave to Frank and Tiffany). They don't want to tick off a jury member. Paul kept on lying right in his goodbye message, though. Snake.

Original post:

Two people who are not in showmances are targeted for eviction in "Big Brother 18" Week 6, ensuring that Paulie Calafiore and his man sheep and showmance minions will continue their smooth ride to the finals.


If the person evicted (hint, hint, Da'Vonne Rogers) on Thursday, August 4 has the coveted round-trip ticket, maybe she will actually use that momentum to flip the house. Please. Please!
"Your boy" Paul Abrahamian is Head of Household, but his Team PP partner Paulie is really running the show. Paulie is the new Frank, but a supersized one that no one seems to be targeting for some reason. Paul said right from the start that he wanted to target Bridgette Dunning. He put her on the block, with Paulie volunteering as pawn.

On Wednesday, August 3, we saw that Paulie won the Power of Veto.

That was essentially the nail inDa'Vonne's coffin, since Paulie is hell-bent on getting Day out. Paul replaced Paulie with Day, since that's what Paulie wanted, and Day is probably leaving. Because that's what Paulie wants. Paul would rather see Bridgette go, but Paulie tends to get his way in this game. So we'll see.

Frank Eudy, puppet-master of Cabbage Patch Kid Bridgette, told Paulie to look after Bridgette. And he told Bridgette to trust Paulie. So even though Paulie is the last person in the house who needs more support, Bridge appears to be trusting Team PP. (Hopefully she's lying just to get through the week.)
So who will be evicted on Thursday -- Da'Vonne or Bridgette -- and will either one of them immediately return to the house with the round trip ticket? Right now, despite Bridgette being the original target, she has enough votes to stay.

Paulie, Victor Arroyo, Corey Brooks, and Nicole Franzel seem like locks to vote out Day, and Natalie Negrotti may also vote to save her former Spy Girls buddy Bridgette. James Huling -- James is playing both sides and no one seems to know where his true loyalties really lie. He gets along well with Day, but he's also tied to the showmance crew in power, thanks to Team Jatalie, and would James really want to risk losing that power to keep Day? Probably not. Heck, by the time Thursday rolls around, we may even see another unanimous vote, 'cause even Zakiyah Everette and Michelle Meyer -- who love Day and are mad on her behalf right now -- probably don't want to risk the wrath of Paulie.

(UPDATE: Michelle and Z actually seem out of the loop now and plan to vote out Bridgette, giving Day at least two votes on her side. Those will probably be the only two votes, though. Meech and Z have nothing to lose at this point since they -- especially Michelle -- are the new targets of Paulie's crew, after Day.)

But the house could also flip. Day is ready to work.

Last week, many fans suspected Frank might have the round-trip ticket, since production really loves him. But Day brings the drama, and the show loves that, too, so they may find a way to give her the ticket. We'll see.

Someone needs to go after Paulie, Corey, Nicole, Paul, and even James. But right now the girls seem to just be targeting each other and the boys are just terrified that the girls might someday STOP targeting each other.
Paulie appears to want an all-male final, like his brother Cody and Derrick in BB16 (not that that helped Cody much), giving his chief loyalty to his showmance bros Corey and James. He seems to just be using Paul and Vic for now, and really just using Z. The boys hope Bridgette can take out the girls they are aligned with, so they don't have to get that blood on their own hands. If only Z, Michelle, Bridge, Nat, and the serious disappointment that is the BB18 version of Nicole would wake up, start winning HOHs, and put the boys on the block, then this season might still have a shot at being interesting.

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